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Special Thanks

The Greenville Beautification Committee thanks the following partners & friends for support through 2013:

GBC Partners and Friends
• Bank of Coxsackie
• Big Top Tent Rentals
• Carole Macilwain
• Carol Reed
• Central Hudson
• Curt Cunningham
• Delaware Engineering
• Frank and Cecile Plattner
• Gertrude Cunningham
• GNH Lumber
• Greenville Center Association
• Iroqouis Pipeline
• Judith Swartwout
• Luminant Design
• Mary Connair and Robin Troeger
• Mid Hudson Cable
• Paul Macko
• Phyliss Beechert
• R.D. Wright Manufacturing Services
• Stewart’s Shops
• Tops Family Markets
• The Bank of Greene County
• Barbara Walter
• Scott Zielonko

We thank members of the community who have given support through 2014 GBC fundraisers. We hope for your continued trust and support in 2015.