Postal Addressline
You can write and mail us your ideas and comments at the following address:
Greenville Beautification
P. O. Box 373
Greenville, NY 12083

Meet in Personline
Share your ideas in person by participating in our open meetings, held on every second Thursday of each month at 3.30pm in the Greenville Town Hall.

Report a repair

Report a Beautification Need

The GBC welcomes reports of beautification needs within the Township of Greenville. Reports are collected, compared and discussed at monthly meetings. We cannot guarantee we can fulfill all requests, but we take your input seriously as a voice of what the community feels are important priorities to address.
Reports MUST involve a public space. We cannot improve your private property.
Reports MUST include your name and contact information to be considered. If your report warrants action, the committee may contact you directly to gather more information.
To report a hazardous condition within the Township, DO NOT USE THIS FORM, but call the Town of Greenville (518-966-5055) to speak directly with a representative


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