Whether you are a business or individual, please join us in this initiative to make our mainstreet beautiful. Every donation counts, no matter the size.

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Your donation can be dedicated in the name of any individual or business. Donations of poles, benches and planters include a donor plaque mounted on the object. All donations of $500 or greater will be listed on a master plaque.



Greenville Mainstreet Initiative GBC light pole photo with banner and hanging planter

New decorative street lighting!

These new light poles are part of a broad initiative to enhance the streets and public spaces of our hamlet. The Committee is also creating a program to add benches, planters and banner signs, along with other lighting enhancements to the intersection of Routes 32 and 81

About the decorative light poles...

The Mainstreet Initiative decorative light poles feature a black matte finish with historic ornamental metalwork. The light pole's lamp hood complies with Greenville's dark skies initiative (as per the master plan) and incorporates an innovative design that minimizes cleaning and maintenance needs, Each decorative pole includes arms for banners and flower baskets.
The donation amount for a decorative light pole is $2,500. This includes a donor plaque affixed to the pole.

About the flower planters...

The Mainstreet Initiative flower planters are cast in durable concrete with a brown weatherstone pebble finish. Each planter is a generous 36 inches in diameter and 24 inches in height, ensuring that they will stand out from their surroundings. Street planters provide a venue for adding some color to Greenville's public spaces, helping to brighten the appeal of our town.
The donation amount for a flower planter is between $500 to $1,000. This includes a donor plaque affixed to the planter.

Part of the funding for each planter will include the cost of initial flowers. The Town of Greenville will maintain planters with a watering program, however private individuals and organizations are welcome to contact the GBC to use the planters as a showcase for their gardening skills!

About the benches...

The Mainstreet Initiative benches are made of both powdercoated steel and concrete with a pebble finish. Ornamental metalwork insets showing a leaf motif provide a distinctive, historic look.
The donation amount for a bench is $1,500. This includes a donor plaque affixed to the bench.

Additional, attractive seating is a recognized need in Greenville's parks. These benches provide additional seating designed for comfort and engineered for durability.

GBC black bench photo

Why the Mainstreet Initiative matters for Greenville

We need to strengthen our Town’s competitive position to attract and retain businesses. Our Town’s prosperity and health depends upon bringing more jobs and services to the local area. Enhancing the cohesive appearance and function of our public spaces is effective towards achieving this goal.

How you make a difference

Your help completes what needs to be done to make our Greenville a vibrant destination for new business and residents.

Whether you are a business or individual, please join us in making Greenville a home for our great community. Every donation counts, no matter the size.